The Oak TreeM&A Advisory

Cross-pollination is common among oaks, creating hybrid species better adapted to their natural circumstances. Like the oak, a well-executed merger or acquisition allows your business to position yourself better within a given market, creating a better version of your company as a result.

Mergers & Acquisition Advisory

When asking a good friend, a top global CEO,

many years ago on how many acquisitions worked out well in his view, we got hard stats: “One or two out of five go sour, with the acquired management leaving – the very folks we counted on to be the source of future value. So choose wisely.”

Our credo at Atlanto builds off of this advice: the personal and corporate culture match are key, with commercial due diligence coming in second. The due diligence and separate legal advice will be sourced once these first two criteria seem solid. Just like the oak tree will cross-pollinate, a well-executed merger or acquisition begets an ever more resilient species out of its origins.

Oak trees stand strong, and often solitary

Similarly, strength in many a business situation derives from vulnerability, taking the position others won’t. Being brave includes bridging divides, sometimes with external guidance.

Atlanto’s deep international experience provides diverse perspectives on impasses and blockades. Helping you to overcome these, by guidance and mediation, will get business back on track.

Mediation Services

Contractual Setup

When the wind gets choppy,

you need to rely on solid roots. Just as the oak cannot be easily toppled, your contractual setup will keep your business out of unfavorable winds.

With Atlanto’s advice, you can assure or review your contractual foundation, whether as part of another service tree or on its own, especially for international business contractual surprises are commonplace and usually not welcome..