The Chestnut TreeLife Science Consulting

Chestnut trees produce more fruit when they are subjected to lower temperatures, during the winter months. Similarly, life science and health don’t become less relevant in tough times. On the flipside, long market entry duration and many formal requirements prevent ‘fail fast’ as a regular option.
Detailed market understanding and diligent preparation characterize ingredients for success in this area. Benefit from our network and managerial experience in the health sector, relating to Medical Devices, Medical IT and Medical Services.

Pre-Market Entry Consulting

From the tree top to the roots

life science is a complex system.
This includes Research & Development (R&D), Product Development, Validation, Certification & Clearance,up to the Launch and actual Market Entry. Just like the chestnut tree bark is smooth in young trees and turns rough and furrowed in old trees, the medical devices business has apparently easy beginnings but takes seasoning to conquer the often conservative health sector.
Life science products have longer development and market entry phases than in other industries. But once you are well positioned, you may enjoy your competitive advantage for longer. Science will never be far: From validation and continual publication to congresses and peer reviews, your product will be subject to intensive scrutiny. Its reception by the scientific community deserves to be well managed and planned.

This includes

market development, integration into an existing health care system, geographical growth and post-market review. To ensure continuous growth of the chestnut tree it must be kept healthy. Equally, life science devices need to be maintained, continually improved and prepared for global markets.
Life sciences are heavily regulated – consequently choosing your markets well and investing your efforts wisely will prove vital. Building your references is essential to grow in reach and volume. We can provide our international network and long-term managerial experience in the health sector, including medical device development and fielding financing options, choosing reimbursement models, etc.

Post-Market Entry Consulting