The Pine TreeGrowth Consulting

This long lived evergreen thrives in challenging environments. Just as our international service offerings relating to business development, market entries, sales and marketing. Always relevant, rarely easy.

Strategic Consulting

Strategy comes in many shapes and sizes

Many offer expertise and will gladly enroll you in their preferred approach. We won’t. You can choose to be strategic, following the textbook, and base your actions on a well-planned and curated plan that is based on market analysis and unique selling points: like a cultivated pine forest.

Equally, you can choose to be wild and instead, stay blissfully ignorant of your competitors, skip a detailed market analysis, and simply follow savvy contacts and business instincts: planting your seed where the wind blows it, but equipped with both stamina and will to grow where you land.

What we believe matters most, is to be aware of the consequences and risks associated with any given strategy. Choosing and specifying a strategy that best fits YOU is key; leveraging our first-hand experience on what has worked in the past and what hasn’t; calibrating the adopted strategy to your means, your team, as well as your products and solutions. We will happily work together to find a strategy that fits your organization!

Selling is hard work

The nice thing is that we CAN choose whom we want to sell to. Sales efforts are always ‘at risk’ efforts, expensive and often hard to evaluate. Selling to the right kind of client will provide great outcomes: business continuity, matching values and a desire to go deeper and farther. As such, finding the right match is an effort that will increase the odds for success. Key clients, repeat business, and a clear choice of who our preferred clients will be. This approach underscores how the hard work becomes enjoyable.

Sales Growth

Marketing Strategies

Why TRUST us?

When looking at the huge marketing machine we are all part of, choosing your own strategy wisely is a new kind of challenge. For some, new online marketing channels seem perfect. Others choose to market through reputation and word-of-mouth. The objectives are very similar: to be a viable choice for our clients and not to be forgotten when a need arises, or even to create the need. We help your business create new and lasting relationships with clients with the purpose of creating growth customized to your specific business objectives. From personalized to direct marketing, we can create the right strategy to:

  • Generate quick sales opportunities
  • Create lasting revenue streams with recurring clients
  • Make your business known in your field

You are seeking cold-eye guidance?

Advice on your confidential business plans? Whom can you trust? How do you judge which advice will likely be the best? We offer something the big boys won’t or can’t:

As a boutique consulting firm, we will take it personally; we will be creative and flexible. Also, we will offer you our unique views and approach. We are open to tie in experts or incorporate preferences to customize the value we can provide. Even with great marketing, and a smart sales strategy, we may still find certain synergies and objectives that are out of reach or that take too long to achieve with the status quo.

From definition to implementation, Atlanto helps your business set goals and generate concrete plans on how to reach them. Whether by geographical expansion, innovation, or M&A, we can advise you on how to scale-up YOUR BUSINESS.

Corporate Strategy

Market Entry & Expansion Strategy

‘The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence’

Well, yes and no! Many dream of international business, and setting up shop on the next continent over. Exotic travelling, fascinating nuances in business etiquette, pure fun. Whichever growth objective may fit your business, Atlanto can help you define a path towards it.

Whether by cooperation, diversification, internationalization, or acquisition, we help you expand your business to where you want it to be. With decades of international experience – ‘been there, done that’ – we have succeeded, and yes, failed – and logged the learnings.

A core strength at Altanto is to find the appropriate approach, understand the risks and actively guide and accompany you to those greener pastures – NOTHING LESS!