The Fig TreeInnovation Consulting

The fig tree grows wild in nutritionally poor soil. Like innovation and new business ventures, charting unfamiliar territory is part of its nature.

In this field, we can help you create a disruptive mindset, a capability for exponential business transformation, and support you to evolve early-stage ventures into successful purpose-driven organizations.

Disruptive Mindset

Are you thinking of 2030 already?

Just like a fig tree that constantly seeks out the sunny spot, your leadership team always looks for the next great opportunity. To seize future opportunities and become a disruptor or pioneer in your industry, a disruptive mindset comes as prerequisite.

Currently, there are more than 20 technological ‘Gutenberg Moments’ such as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Internet of Things, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Gene Editing, Drones, etc. These technologies converge and grow exponentially. Combined with new business models and fundamental changes in how businesses operate – switching from scarcity to abundance –the status-quo of business is changing profoundly. 

Atlanto supports your leadership with so-called ‘Awake Sessions’, Leadership Programs, and Workshops to develop your disruptive mindset and to help orient and navigate you towards around 2030 instead of being focused in the past.

A fig grows sweeter as it ripens

similar to early-stage ideas that evolv into successful business ventures. Atlanto supports you to drastically reduce the risks of developing your new purpose-driven business venture and to rapidly speed up the entire journey by making use of the Purpose Launchpad Methodology and a rapid weekly sprint process. We enable you to successfully harvest the sweet fruits of your business venture endeavors.

Developing Ventures

Exponential Transformation

Are you challenging the status quo?

Like a fig tree that can adapt to its environment and even grow in extremely challenging terrain, your business constantly needs to change and adapt as well. For continued growth amidst complexity and change, it is essential to explore new and unchartered business territories and challenge the status quo of your incumbent business. Embarking on this journey, however, can be very challenging and costly.

We support you to identify trends, new technologies, and novel business models to design new disruptive business initiatives that 10x current existing solutions. Also, with the help of the Exponential Organization Sprint, we form several multi-disciplinary teams with your employees and leapfrog the thinking of your leadership ahead by three years within 10 weeks.

Are you surfing the digital wave?

Just as a fig tree has many branches, your business has digital needs and objectives. Assessing what you have and what you might benefit from adopting in terms of digital innovation is our strength.

We help your business implement and optimize digital processes, bringing independent expertise to set-up lasting infrastructures for the digital future.

Digital Advisory